Adequate infrastructure facilities are made available in respect of building, workspace, utilities, transport, communication and equipment. The hardware and software and other process equipment are upgraded as and when needed by respective laboratory / section-in-charges and their staff.

Responsibility for determination, provision, maintenance and up gradation of the infrastructure for achieving conformity to product requirement rest with respective laboratory/section in-charges and their supportive staff.


A well-organized library with about 1200 books on various topics in Telecom, IT, Electronics and Management are available. Books of 1948 to till date edition are available for easy reference. Library Management viz availability, booking and issue of books is done through a software package. Internet facility available in the library is open for the use of staff & trainees for web browsing, e-mail .A full-fledged Intranet service is functioning inside RTTC, Bhubaneswar.

Media Support

An Audiovisual laboratory with modern facilities like 'VGA' projector and Video cassette players is available for supporting presentation of Educational films through CD/Video tapes. All lecture halls are provided with Over Head Projectors for displaying transparencies.


A hostel with two blocks with a total capacity for accommodating 108 trainees is available with a mess being run by outsourcing arrangement.


The training center is having very good canteen room, where Tea, Snacks are available at reasonable prices.


Training center is having well equipped laboratories for various faculties like computer, switching, external plant, transmission & digital which are:
 i) Computer Labs: There are three Computer Labs. The First Lab is having three servers (Windows, Unix & Proxy) with 17 nodes in an LAN set up. Multi user 512 kbps Broad Band connectivity is also available in First lab. The second Lab with switch & hub is having 17 nodes. The third lab has 11 nodes in a LAN setup..
ii)  Transmission Lab : There are three Transmission Labs. The 1st Lab is having equipments of Optical Fiber System. The 2nd one having provision of OF splicing and installed with STM-1 & STM-4 in a ring set up. The third lab is equipped with Digital Microwave (2 GHZ & 7 GHZ) and VSAT terminal.
Electronics / Digital / ISDN Lab : The Lab is provided with different electronic and digital trainer boards and having facility to design and implement different circuits. A point to point ISDN Connectivity with provisions of Data Communication and video Conferencing is available in the same Lab.
Our external plant lab is equipped with various over head accessories equipments and cables with latest subscriber access technology.
 v)  Switching lab consists of new digital switches like C-DOT.
vi) Battery  & power plant lab  is equipped with conventional as well as VRLA batteries, new SMPS based power plant & other types of power plant required for induction and refresher courses.

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